24 Nail Design Ideas, You Can’t Go Wrong With

24 Nail Design Ideas, You Can’t Go Wrong With

24 Nail Design Ideas, You Can’t Go Wrong With.

Nail Design Ideas. You always need something unique when you’re decorating your nails.

It’s a significant part of our outlook that can easily make or break the look. So, the more ideas you gather, the more options you have to look unique on every occasion.

It’s important to understand which nail design ideas you can use for a specific event. For instance, you wouldn’t want to try funky nail art on an elegant function.

24 Amazing Nail Design Ideas.

Nail Design Ideas. You will find some excellent nail designs below that you can choose from. Go through them and see what suits your nails the best.

1. Nude Nails.

Nude Nails
Nude Nails | Nail Design Ideas.

One thing you can’t go wrong with is nude nails. No extravagant details. Go for plain nude nails. You can select the shade that matches your outfit.

One thing about nude nails is that it goes with everything and every occasion. It’s not funky but you can wear it to a party. You can also style it for an elegant dinner and it will look classy.

2. Daisy Nails.

Daisy Nails
Daisy Nails | Nail Design Ideas.

After using a transparent coating on your nails, use white and yellow nail paint for drawing small daisies on your nails. Instead of painting them in the middle, place them near the borders.

Each nail should have two daisies. One on the top corner and another one on the bottom opposite corner. Say, for example, you painted one daisy on the bottom left corner of your index fingernail, the other one should be on the top right corner.

Also, make sure that the daisies are not equal in size. One of them should be a bit smaller.

3. White And Silver.

White And Silver nails
White And Silver nails | Nail Design Ideas.

White and silver are always a classy combination. After coating all your nails with white, use shimmery silver on one or two nails. If you want to play it safe, you can go for the ring fingernail only.

Silver glitter with white nails will certainly bring a glamorous vibe when attending any party ahead.

4. Matt Black With Geometrical Shapes.


Matt Black With Geometrical Shapes nails
Matt Black With Geometrical Shapes nails | Nail Design Ideas.

Another design that’s bound to catch your attention in a crowd is a mix of black and white.

Use a matt black coating on your nail polish before using white on top. Don’t go overboard with the geometrical shape.

A simple triangle or one or two lines will do the magic for you.

5. Road Maps.


Road Maps nails
Road Maps nails | Nail Design Ideas.

If you are a wanderer, there is an excellent design you can try to express your inner self.

Draw road maps on your nails with tiny details to make them more realistic. See if you can get press-on nails to get the best results.

6. Floral Designs.


Floral Designs nails
Floral Designs nails | Nail Design Ideas.

There are numerous designs to create using floral patterns. One of them is to draw a simple floral pattern on top of a white coating.

You can also use a transparent coating if you love your natural nail color.

Floral designs work great with all nails. It doesn’t matter whether you have short or long nails.

7. Color Gradient.


Color Gradient nails
Color Gradient nails | Nail Design Ideas.

You can use shades of the same color to create a beautiful gradient design. There is a place to get creative with this design too. Let’s say you’ve chosen shades of blue.

You can keep the top of the nail deeper and gradually change to lighter shades towards the bottom. Or, you can do it the other way around.

The best thing about this design is that you can match any outfit with this design only by choosing the right color.

8. Checkerboard Pattern.

Checkerboard Pattern nails
Checkerboard Pattern nails | Nail Design Ideas.

Imagine the color combination you can create while using a checkerboard pattern on your nails. Let’s discuss one in particular. The combination of pink and white.

Moving on from the traditional black and white checkerboard that reminds you of chess, pink is certainly something everyone will love. Here’s the twist, don’t use the pattern on all of your fingernails.

Paint your thumbnail, middle fingernail, and little fingernail with a solid pink coating. Then, use a pink and white checkerboard pattern on your index fingernail and ring fingernail.

9. Sliced Watermelons.


Sliced Watermelons nails
Sliced Watermelons nails | Nail Design Ideas.

If you want something fun for a beach day, you can get creative with your nails. All you need is some fun shades. First, use a deep pink for creating the base. Then, color the tips of your fingers with white and two shades of green.

First, draw a curved white line, then use a dark green curved line, followed by one light green line and another green one. The last step is to use black dots on the pink portions of the nails.

If you want to spice it up a bit more, you can customize the ring finger with only dark and light green to make it seem like a whole watermelon. Make sure that the curved lines are vertical on your ring fingernail not horizontal.

10. Leafy Patterns.


Leafy Patterns nails
Leafy Patterns nails |Nail Design Ideas.

Another bohemian pattern suited for a beach day is using leaf patterns. It’s a simple to-do design with your nails. First, you have to use a base color for your nails. It can either be white or any other light color.

Then, use different shades of green to draw leaf patterns. Make sure that the leaves are symmetrical on all nails.

11. Solid Color.

Solid Color nails
Solid Color nails |Nail Design Ideas.

If you want to keep it simple and elegant, the best way is to stick with a solid color for all your nails. You simply can’t go wrong with this one. Let’s say you’re wearing a purple outfit for an event. Using solid purple for all your fingernails will complete the look.

It’s the best decision if you want to play it safe on any occasion.

12. Polka Dots.


Polka Dots nails
Polka Dots nails | Nail Design Ideas.

Polka dots reminds everyone of fun times. You can either go with the traditional black polka dots on white canvas or spice it up according to your mood. There are endless possibilities to create with polka dots.

You can also change the entire nail design by changing the size of the dots. Little details go a long way when it comes to painting your nails.

13. Colorful Tips.

Colorful Tips nails
Colorful Tips nails |Nail Design Ideas.

If you don’t want any elaborate designs, colorful fingertips can be a great way to achieve a unique look. You can use multiple colors for the ring fingernail and solid colors for the others.

It’s a quick way to do your nails when you don’t have time.

14. Modern Art Nails.

Modern Art Nails
Modern Art Nails | Nail Design Ideas.

For this, you will have to create geometric shapes of different colors. You can create a mix of circles, triangles, and squares. The colors of the shapes should be different from each other and one should overlap another.

Now, use black nail paint to create borders of these shapes and you’re good to go.

15. Fishtail Nails.

Fishtail Nails
Fishtail Nails |Nail Design Ideas.

If you know the fishtail pattern, try it out on your nails. It’s a unique design that not everyone can think of. For the color combination, use blue, white, and black. These three will make the nails stand out in the crowd more than any other.

16. Sceneries.

Sceneries nails
Sceneries nails |Nail Design Ideas.

Nails are great canvases to express your artistic side. If you love natural scenery, you can create one signature scenery for all of your nails. For instance, one idea is to create a sunset on your fingernails.

You will need a mixture of orange, blue, white, and black to create a sunset.

17. Marble Nails.

Marble Nails
Marble Nails |Nail Design Ideas.

A sophisticated look can be easily achieved by marble nails, which is why this design is always trendy. You can go widely creative with marble nails too. Add a bit of rose quartz and you’ve got the most elegant set of nails you can think of.

18. Yellow With White.

Yellow With White nails
Yellow With White nails |Nail Design Ideas.

If you don’t want to go with an all-yellow look, try mixing it up with white. Use yellow for your thumbnail, middle finger, and little fingernail. Paint the rest of them white. This will be a fantastic look if you’re wearing a yellow outfit.

19. Doodled Nails.

Doodled Nails
Doodled Nails |Nail Design Ideas.

Doodling is a way to express yourself and get creative at the same time. If this is something you feel good about, you can use straight-line doodles on a plain background. There are many ways to create beautiful nail makeovers using doodles.

For instance, you can simply draw an eye on the bottom of your ring fingernail. Paint all other fingernails faded pink.

20. Graffiti Nail Art.

Graffiti Nail Art
Graffiti Nail Art

Did you know that you can create amazing art on your nails only by using two nail paints and a brush? First, use black nail polish as a base coating. Then, use random brush strokes of gold on top of the black.

It will create a nice and natural pattern on your nails.

21. Zebra Stripes.

Zebra Stripes nails
Zebra Stripes nails

Stripes are not uncommon with nail artists. The way you’re executing the stripes matters. One unique way to style your nails with stripes is to use zebra stripes. Use solid black for your thumb, middle finger, and little fingernail.

Paint zebra stripes using white and black nail paint on your index and ring finger. You will be surprised to see how the art turns out.

22. Glitter Nails.

Glitter Nails
Glitter Nails

If you love glamour, glitter nails will be your go-to design for every occasion. Remember that you have to match the glitter with the color you’re using. You can spice up the design by using more or less glitter on some nails and the opposite on others.

23. Triangles.

Triangles nails
Triangles nails

For this particular design, you will have to use a clear coating as a base first. Then, use your favorite color to create a triangle on top of your nail. The triangle should be reversed. The tip of the triangle should almost reach the center of your nail.

If you want flaming nails, use yellow or orange. However, you can go with any other color you want.

24. Stones And Stickers.

Stones And Stickers nails
Stones And Stickers nails

Last but not least, don’t forget to consider various stones and stickers available for nails. These can diversify nail art in a great way. Using stones can intensify any nail art, as long as you are using it sensibly.

The same goes for stickers too. They can make your nail art not only special but also fun. So, investing in them can make the entire procedure of getting your nail done more enjoyable.

Nail Design Ideas For Summer.

Summer is a great time to do some experimenting with your nails. You can go with colors like shades of blue, pink, nude, etc. These will highlight your nails the best in summer. You can also go for specific nail art if you’re going to a summer party.

Designs like wave patterns, daisy art, or floral designs will work excellently for summer. But the best thing about nail art is that there are no rules. You can become as creative as you want with your nails.

What Is The Best Way To Get Your Desired Nails?

The answer varies depending on your priority. If you have enough money to spend on your nails and you can describe precisely what you want, going to a nail artist is the best thing to do. However, if you don’t want to spend money and consider yourself a pro at nail art, you should do it yourself.

You can pretty much pull off all nail designs if you have beautiful nails. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with natural beautiful nails. In this case, press-on nails work the best. They come pretty cheaply and there are thousands of designs to choose from.

You can also choose press-on nails, if you don’t want to paint your natural nails. Press-on nails will cost you a lot less than a nail artist too. So, it can be a middle ground for a lot of people.

Final Words.

Did you find enough nail design ideas for this season? Don’t be afraid to do experiments with your nails. It’s not permanent that you will get stuck with.

It’s not uncommon for people to try many designs before finding the suitable one for them. Because everyone’s nails are not the same in shape and color, the same design may not work for everyone. So, the best way is to try different designs to find out which one suits you the most.


How much you learn….? Let’s know. Don’t forget to share with your friends. Stay with us.

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