Female Spiritual Tattoos – 38 Ideas You Must See In 2023

Female Spiritual Tattoos – 38 Ideas You Must See In 2023

Female Spiritual Tattoos – 38 Ideas You Must See In 2023.

Female Spiritual Tattoos. The best way to add more significance to your tattoo is to get a spiritual tattoo for yourself.

It’s not difficult to find female spiritual tattoos but it’s certainly difficult to find good ones. That’s why I’ve gathered around the best spiritual tattoo ideas for you in this post.
By choosing one of these designs, you can not only get an amazing decoration for your body but also signify it. So let’s get started with these beautiful tattoo ideas.

38 Female Spiritual Tattoos | Female Spiritual Tattoos.

Female Spiritual Tattoos. Whether you want to express your faith in Christ or simply want something spiritual in general, I’ve got your back. The designs below will blow your mind and satisfy your spiritual thirst for eternity.

1. Simple Heart With A Cross.

Simple Heart With A Cross tattoo
Simple Heart With A Cross tattoo | Female Spiritual Tattoos.

The most minimalist tattoo you can get is to create a one-line heart on your wrist. But wait. There’s a twist. Instead of completing the entire heart with a single line, use a cross to complete the shape.
It’s not only simple and easy but also comes with a powerful meaning. It can express strength and love for your faith.

2. Cross Quote.

Cross Quote tattoo
Cross Quote tattoo| Female Spiritual Tattoos.

Getting a traditional cross is an idea of a tattoo. However, you can make it more significant by combining a quote. For instance, the cross could be made with cursive letters saying, “He is faithful.”
This is just one example of the idea, you can customize the thickness of the cross and go for another phrase written in another font.

3. Bird Of Flock.

Bird Of Flock tattoo
Bird Of Flock tattoo| Female Spiritual Tattoos.

A flock of birds often carries deep meanings. It can mean freedom as well as togetherness. Now the fun part is where you place the tattoo. Unlike any traditional placement, you can go for something different.

Consider getting the tattoo on the outer side of your little finger. So, when you hold your hand horizontally, a line of birds is seen from the opposite direction.

4. Yin Yang Tattoo.

Yin Yang Tattoo
Yin Yang Tattoo| Female Spiritual Tattoos.

It’s impossible to browse through spiritual tattoos without coming across the Yin Yang sign. This signifies harmony in life by expressing balance. It indicated the good and bad in life. what can be more spiritual than that?

5. Sparrow Tattoo.

Sparrow Tattoo
Sparrow Tattoo| Female Spiritual Tattoos.

A sparrow is often used as a metaphor to indicate deeper meanings in life. You will also get the reference of a sparrow in Mathew. So, if that is something that inspires you, consider getting a sparrow on your arm.

6. Floral Cross.

Floral Cross tattoo
Floral Cross tattoo| Female Spiritual Tattoos.

You don’t have to get a simple cross. You can enrich it with more elements. Adding flowers and branches to surround the cross will express how you’re trying to signify the cross. Besides, flowers can also work great as background elements to highlight the cross in the center.

7. Bible Quote With A Rose.

Bible Quote With A Rose tattoo
Bible Quote With A Rose tattoo| Female Spiritual Tattoos.

Everyone has their favorite quotes from the Bible. Combining a watercolor rose with a bible quote will lift the entire quality of the tattoo you’re getting. Adding the rose enhances the femininity of the tattoo.

It can express a softer side combined with the verse you’re going for.

8. Saved By Grace.

Saved By Grace tattoo
Saved By Grace tattoo| Female Spiritual Tattoos.

If you want a tattoo on your forearm, there is a phrase you can get. ‘Saved by Grace’ written in cursive letters will look excellent.

It will not only be meaningful but also look mesmerizing as a tattoo.
If you want, you can change the placement and tattoo it on your wrist.

9. Dragonfly Tattoo.

Dragonfly Tattoo
Dragonfly Tattoo| Female Spiritual Tattoos.

A dragonfly tattoo is popular for its significant meaning. It expresses hardship and overcoming them.

If you have struggled in life and overcome your obstacles, a dragonfly can be a spiritual tattoo for you. It also signifies courage, strength, and happiness.

10. Lotus Tattoo.

Lotus Tattoo
Lotus Tattoo| Female Spiritual Tattoos.

A lotus also holds a greater meaning when considered for a tattoo. Lotus is a great symbol to express strength and overcoming obstacles.

Even though the flower’s roots are on the ground, it gracefully blossoms on top of the water.

This signifies how humans can do that too. Regardless of where we come from, we can always shine through hard work.

11. Serenity, Courage, Wisdom.

Serenity, Courage, Wisdom tattoo
Serenity, Courage, Wisdom tattoo| Female Spiritual Tattoos.

Consider getting a circle or another geometrical shape to create a beautiful frame. Enrich it with little details like flowers, leaves, and vines. Now, create the words Serenity, Courage, and Wisdom inside that frame.
It’s one of the simplest yet most meaningful tattoos you can consider for your arm.

12. Faith Tattoo.

Faith Tattoo
Faith Tattoo| Female Spiritual Tattoos.

One straightforward idea is to go for a faith tattoo. Getting the word ‘Faith’ written on your arm or wrist will express the significance you are giving to your belief. You can customize the font according to your preference. The same goes for the color you’re choosing.

13. The Hamsa Hand Tattoo.

The Hamsa Hand Tattoo
The Hamsa Hand Tattoo| Female Spiritual Tattoos.

You must have come across a sign that looks like a hand and features an eye in the middle. In many beliefs, this sign is considered to be a source that keeps evil away. It’s also believed to keep negative vibes out of one’s life.
The thing about this sign is that you can get it anywhere you want. If you want a large tattoo, you can get it on your back. Alternatively, you can get a small one on your foot or ankle.

14. Water Tattoo.

Water Tattoo
Water Tattoo| Female Spiritual Tattoos.

One of the strongest elements created is water. Using a water sign for a tattoo can look gorgeous. However, that’s not the most significant part of the tattoo. Water indicates life and it’s connected to our life aspects.
You can design your water tattoo in any way you like. There are a lot of opportunities to get creative with this, including the color you’re using.

15. Cross Created With Flower.

Cross Created With Flower tattoo
Cross Created With Flower tattoo| Female Spiritual Tattoos.

I’ve talked about wrapping a cross with flowers around it. But that’s not the only idea to consider if you’ve decided to get a cross tattoo.

Another fabulous tattoo can be a cross that’s made with flowers, instead of being surrounded by flowers.

You can customize the shape and size of the flowers or leaves you’re choosing. But if you’re seeking suggestions, a small tattoo will look better with this design.

16. Pray Tattoo.

Pray Tattoo
Pray Tattoo| Female Spiritual Tattoos.

Another word spiritual tattoo to consider is to get ‘PRAY’ written on your hands. However, you can get creative with the placement.

Let’s see how. Use both your hands to complete the tattoo.

Get P and R on your left index finger. Place it on the side. Get A and Y in the same place on your right index finger. This way when you put your hands together to pray, the tattoo will be complete.

17. Yeshua Tattoo.

Yeshua Tattoo
Yeshua Tattoo| Female Spiritual Tattoos.

The Hebrew name for Jesus is called Yeshua. If you want, you can use all capital letters to get this name on your hand. It can be a unique idea to get a unique spiritual tattoo. You can also experiment with the font color so that it becomes more highlighted.

18. In Christ Alone.

In Christ Alone tattoo
In Christ Alone tattoo| Female Spiritual Tattoos.

This phrase is an excellent example of a spiritual tattoo. Don’t forget to use cursive letters to make it more attractive. In addition, you can use a different color for the word Christ to make the tattoo stand out in the crowd.
The best place to get this tattoo is your arm.

19. The Tree Of Life.

The Tree Of Life tattoo
The Tree Of Life tattoo| Female Spiritual Tattoos.

A tree alone is a profound sign of strength, life, and growth. If you consider a tattoo of the tree of life, it can represent family, relationships, and heritage. There are many ways to get creative with a tree of life.
You can experiment with colors or get a half-and-half tattoo using black ink. The half-and-half tattoo is a great idea if you want to express transformation. One half of the tree should be of a younger age, another at an older age.

20. Dove Tattoos.

Dove Tattoos
Dove Tattoos| Female Spiritual Tattoos.

Dove is a sign of peace and love. The special thing about a dove tattoo is its placement. You can get it on your shoulder, hand, or anywhere you want. Unlike many other tattoos that have limited placement options, a dove does not do that to you.

21. Dream Catcher Tattoo.

Dream Catcher Tattoo
Dream Catcher Tattoo| Female Spiritual Tattoos.

A dream catcher is believed to be a very powerful element. It comes from ancient Indian beliefs. They believed that a dream catcher has the ability to prevent bad luck and evil spirits.

So, they weaved them and put them over their beds.
Dream catchers are colorful options to consider for a tattoo. To express the power of the element, you can also combine animals like a wolf with the dream catcher tattoo.

22. Trinity Knot Tattoo.

Trinity Knot Tattoo
Trinity Knot Tattoo| Female Spiritual Tattoos.

If you dive into the Celtic culture, you will find that one of the most powerful signs is the Trinity knot also known as the Triquetra. It represents three elements- water, air, and earth. However, if you dig deeper, you can get a more meaningful sign.

This sign can also represent birth, death, and rebirth. The sign also relates to Christianity. It signifies the bases of the religion which are the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

23. Om Tattoo.

Om Tattoo
Om Tattoo| Female Spiritual Tattoos.

A significant sign in Sanskrit is the Om sign. It can mean a lot of things depending on different sources. For instance, some express the song of start and finish with this sign. On the contrary, it can also mean the connection between the universe and a person, a source of knowledge, wisdom, and inspiration.

24. Mandala Tattoo.

Mandala Tattoo
Mandala Tattoo| Female Spiritual Tattoos.

Mandalas can also be spiritual. It’s an excellent sign for expressing symmetry and balance in life. The details inside a mandala open a lot of doors when getting creative with a tattoo. Besides, you can integrate your favorite sign into a mandala to make it more meaningful.

25. Dragon Tattoo.

Dragon Tattoo
Dragon Tattoo | Female Spiritual Tattoos.

Dragon tattoos aren’t limited to fun and colorful designs. In Asian cultures, dragons are often associated with spirituality. It’s a symbol of wisdom, strength, and power.
A dragon tattoo will look excellent as a full-sleeve tattoo if that’s something you have on your mind.

26. Child Of The Universe Tattoo.

Child Of The Universe Tattoo
Child Of The Universe Tattoo| Female Spiritual Tattoos.

Another phrase to consider for a word tattoo is ‘Child Of The Universe.’ This will look perfect on your arm when created with black ink. Also, make sure that the fonts are bold and that all the letters are written in capital letters.

27. Human Yin Yang Tattoo.

Human Yin Yang Tattoo
Human Yin Yang Tattoo

You can easily make an ordinary Yin Yang symbol into something extraordinary. A human Yin Yang sign will make your tattoo more meaningful. If you’re trying to mix mystery with the balance of life, this is the perfect tattoo to go for.

28. Egyptian Eye Tattoo.

Egyptian Eye Tattoo
Egyptian Eye Tattoo

Have you heard of the Eye of Horus? It’s a very popular choice for a tattoo. This sign is believed to ward off evil with its power. The interesting thing is that you can get it tattooed on one of your finger’s inner sides so that it stays hidden.
This creates ambiguity as well as a mystery for the tattoo bearer.

29. Solar System Tattoo.

Solar System Tattoo
Solar System Tattoo

What can be more spiritual than the universe? Create a marvelous solar system on your arm when considering a spiritual tattoo. It’s suitable for anyone whether they’re into small tattoos or large ones because it can be tattooed either way.

30. Elephant Lotus Tattoo.

Elephant Lotus Tattoo
Elephant Lotus Tattoo

You must have seen a sign of an elephant decorated with a lotus. It’s an ancient sign that means good fortune. When combines with a lotus and mandalas, an elephant tattoo can look great on your back. However, you can get it anywhere you wish.

31. Eye In The Sky Tattoo.

Eye In The Sky Tattoo
Eye In The Sky Tattoo

For people who want to express their attraction to the all-known source of energy, this is a great idea. You can get an eye surrounded by the elements of a sky. The tattoo looks best when inked with black.

32. Phases Of The Moon Tattoo.

Phases Of The Moon Tattoo
Phases Of The Moon Tattoo

Another spiritual tattoo to consider is the phases of the moon. If the moon is significant to you, it’s a great idea to create the stages that a moon goes through. It creates a circle and can feel directly relevant to humans.

33. Astronomical Sign Tattoo.

Astronomical Sign Tattoo
Astronomical Sign Tattoo

Are you a sign person?

Why not get your sign tattooed on your arm?

For instance, I came across a beautiful tattoo that featured the word ‘Virgo’ surrounded by two blades of grass. You can customize your sign in your tattoo too.

34. Tarot Card Tattoo.

Tarot Card Tattoo
Tarot Card Tattoo

If tarot cards are your thing, you can get your favorite one inked in your arm. You can also combine two cards side by side to make them more beautiful. For instance, one tattoo combined the sun and the moon card and it looked gorgeous.

35. Goddess Tattoo.

Goddess Tattoo
Goddess Tattoo

Another fabulous idea for a spiritual tattoo is a goddess. You can use your favorite elements and mix them up with the tattoo. Make sure that the tattoo you’re getting is relatable to you spiritually.

36. Angel Tattoo.

Angel Tattoo
Angel Tattoo

You can also consider numerous variations of angel tattoos. If you want something simple, consider getting a pair of angel wings. You can make it tiny so that it’s easy to hide.
On the contrary, you can also get an entire angel drawn on a larger body part.

37. Peace Sign Tattoo.

Peace Sign Tattoo
Peace Sign Tattoo

The peace sign tattoo is a popular one. It may seem simple but holds a deeper meaning. And the best thing is, you can alter the design and add elements that you want. For instance, you can create beautiful scenery inside the parts of a peace sign.
Alternatively, you can keep it simple and go for a one-line peace sign.

38. Grace Is Sufficient.

Grace Is Sufficient tattoo
Grace Is Sufficient tattoo

If you are into floral designs, there is an excellent way to create a tattoo. First, complete the floral design you want. Then, write ‘Grace is sufficient’ at the bottom of the design. Use black ink for the writing and make the letters cursive.
As for the floral design, you can go for colorful or black ink designs, depending on your preference.

What Do Tattoos Symbolize?

Tattoos can mean anything, depending on what you’re getting. There is no restriction in choosing what tattoo to get. If you’re considering a spiritual tattoo, the best thing is to find something you believe in and then decorate it however you like.

For instance, if you believe in Christianity, you can get a cross. Combine the cross with flowers or a heart if you want. If you are a believer in Buddhism, you can get Buddha tattooed on your arm.

On the contrary, you can get something entirely different. Spirituality does not have a strict definition that you must stick to. You can assign meaning to almost any sign or tattoo. So, it’s more of a personal choice than an obligation.

Final Words.

Did you like the collection of female spiritual tattoos?

Whenever you’re considering a tattoo, always make sure that you’re absolutely certain about the design. You wouldn’t want to get something you might regret later.

Talk to your artist and get comfortable with the procedure, especially if this is your first time. In addition, avoid looking for cheap options to save money. Tattooing is not something you want to save money on.

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