45 Most Attractive Butterfly Tattoo Ideas For You To Consider

45 Most Attractive Butterfly Tattoo Ideas For You To Consider

45 Most Attractive Butterfly Tattoo Ideas For You To Consider.

Attractive Butterfly Tattoo Ideas. One thing about butterfly tattoos is that they’re always trendy. The depth and significance of a butterfly tattoo can be altered, depending on what design you’re going for. It’s surprising how you can create so many designs with one simple creature.

In this post today, you will only come across the most attractive butterfly tattoo ideas. There are so many varieties of this concept that you will certainly fall in love with one of them.

45 Attractive Butterfly Tattoo Ideas.

You must be wondering how it’s possible to create so many designs only using a butterfly. Well, you’re about to find out.

1. 3D Butterfly.

3D Butterfly
3D Butterfly | Attractive Butterfly Tattoo Ideas.

With the right use of color and shading, you can create the most beautiful 3D butterfly ever. The thing about 3D tattoos is that they look very lifelike. So, when you’re considering a butterfly, it will look like an actual butterfly sitting on you.
You can choose your shoulder or sleeve for this tattoo. However, other body parts will look just as awesome with a butterfly tattoo.

2. Black And Gray Butterfly.

Black And Gray Butterfly
Black And Gray Butterfly | Attractive Butterfly Tattoo Ideas.

You don’t always have to use colorful combinations to create a beautiful butterfly tattoo. There are a lot of ideas that will look perfect with a few shades of black. Whether you’re going for a small or large butterfly, a combination of black and gray will look fabulous.

3. Skull Butterfly Tattoo.

Skull Butterfly Tattoo
Skull Butterfly Tattoo | Attractive Butterfly Tattoo Ideas.

If you’re not into traditional jolly butterfly tattoos, you can consider something darker. Blend a skull design on the wings of the butterfly to give it a different look. Make sure that you’re creating half of the skull on each wing.
A half skull will look better than an entire skull on each side. The skull’s designs should also be symmetrical, just like any design on butterfly wings.

4. Butterfly With A Woman’s Face.

Butterfly With A Woman’s Face.
Butterfly With A Woman’s Face.| Attractive Butterfly Tattoo Ideas.

There are multiple ways to combine a woman’s face with a butterfly. For instance, you can adjust the face inside the wings of a butterfly. Of, you can use a face of a woman at the spot where the butterfly’s body is supposed to be.

5. Floral Winged Butterfly.

Floral Winged Butterfly
Floral Winged Butterfly| Attractive Butterfly Tattoo Ideas.

One idea of tattoo you will often come across is a butterfly with a floral wing. There are many ways to create a floral wing. But regardless of which option you go for, the other wing should match in color and concept.

6. Butterfly With A Flower.

Butterfly With A Flower
Butterfly With A Flower| Attractive Butterfly Tattoo Ideas.

For a colorful tattoo idea, you can combine the butterfly with a flower. A blue butterfly sitting on a blue flower is one idea to bring a jolly vibe. It will be a perfect tattoo for your arm.

7. Multiple Butterflies.

Multiple Butterflies tattoo
Multiple Butterflies tattoo| Attractive Butterfly Tattoo Ideas.

You don’t have to limit your tattoo to one butterfly. Instead, you can combine multiple of them to make the tattoo more vibrant. One idea is to create two black butterflies seen from different angles.
If you want to go for something colorful, consider adding some flowers to the scenery. This will make the design more detailed.

8. One-Line Butterfly Tattoo.

One-Line Butterfly Tattoo
One-Line Butterfly Tattoo| Attractive Butterfly Tattoo Ideas.

You can form the butterfly into a doodle. If you are into simple ideas, creating a one-line butterfly tattoo will work for you. Besides, you won’t have to worry about matching the tattoo with a particular body part.

A small one-line butterfly will look elegant everywhere. For instance, some choose their wrists whereas others prefer the tattoo on their ankle.

9. Galactic Butterflies.

Galactic Butterflies
Galactic Butterflies| Attractive Butterfly Tattoo Ideas.

If you’re considering an ankle tattoo, I can give you an amazing idea. Instead of choosing something common, you can create galactic butterflies. You won’t need much detailing. It’s all about the color combination you’re using.
Going with shades of purple along with black will create the most beautiful galactic butterflies. If you want, you can get two butterflies. One from the front and another from the side.

10. Geometric Butterfly Tattoo.

Geometric Butterfly Tattoo
Geometric Butterfly Tattoo| Attractive Butterfly Tattoo Ideas.

There are several ways to create a butterfly with geometric shapes. The shapes don’t have to be symmetrical for the tattoo to be beautiful. For instance, you can make it look like the wings are breaking apart, using small geometric pieces.
Another idea is to create geometrical shapes in the background while keeping the butterfly highlighted.

11. Tiny Butterflies.

Tiny Butterflies
Tiny Butterflies| Attractive Butterfly Tattoo Ideas.

Imagine a tiny butterfly on your finger where a ring is supposed to be. You can either choose a colorful butterfly or a black and gray one. Both will look marvelous.
The thing about this tattoo idea is that you can literally tattoo it anywhere you want. For instance, people tattoo tiny butterflies on your back, waist, ankle, wrist, and shoulder.

12. Large Butterfly Tattoo.

Large Butterfly Tattoo
Large Butterfly Tattoo| Attractive Butterfly Tattoo Ideas.

There’s no need to think that butterfly tattoos always need to be smack to be beautiful. You can always pull off a large butterfly tattoo. For instance, if you are considering a tattoo for your chest, back, or sleeve, a large tattoo will be perfect.
There are two ways to make it happen. You can either get one large butterfly tattoo or combine a butterfly with other elements to make the tattoo large.

13. Transparent Wings.

Transparent Wings tattoo
Transparent Wings tattoo| Attractive Butterfly Tattoo Ideas.

If you can get the shades right, you can easily create a butterfly with transparent wings. To get the best results, make sure that the butterfly is seen from the side so the wings overlap. It facilitates the process of making the wings transparent.

14. Blue And Black Butterfly.

Blue And Black Butterfly tattoo
Blue And Black Butterfly tattoo| Attractive Butterfly Tattoo Ideas.

Getting the right color combination can be challenging when considering a butterfly tattoo. If you don’t want to experiment with the colors and want to stay safe, black and blue are the perfect mixture to consider.
It’s nearly impossible to go wrong with a black and blue butterfly tattoo.

15. Watercolor Butterfly.

Watercolor Butterfly tattoo
Watercolor Butterfly tattoo| Attractive Butterfly Tattoo Ideas.

The watercolor style is a popular one among tattoo enthusiasts. If you want to create a butterfly with this style, you can use a flower in the center with exploding colors and combine it with a butterfly and a hummingbird.
The bird and the butterfly should be opposite from each other. It can make a large and colorful tattoo.

16. Traditional Butterfly Tattoo.

Traditional Butterfly Tattoo
Traditional Butterfly Tattoo| Attractive Butterfly Tattoo Ideas.

You can get a lot of varieties when considering traditional butterfly tattoos. They’re colorful options with elaborated details. The correct use of colors and shading is crucial to make the butterfly perfect.
So, if you choose to go with this option, make sure that the artist can pull off the design you have in mind.

17. Butterfly With A Phrase.

Butterfly With A Phrase tattoo
Butterfly With A Phrase tattoo| Attractive Butterfly Tattoo Ideas.

You can beautifully combine a phrase, word, or sentence with a butterfly tattoo. For instance, one idea is to create a one-line butterfly that says ‘Goodnight’ at the bottom. If you want to get something like that, consider cursive letters.

18. Supportive Element.

Supportive Element tattoo
Supportive Element tattoo| Attractive Butterfly Tattoo Ideas.

Even if you want a butterfly tattoo, it doesn’t have to be the primary element. You can use it as a background element for another tattoo. Another idea is to equally highlight multiple tattoos.
For instance, if you create a woman’s body where the head is the butterfly, it will be a magnificent tattoo.

19. Natural Scene On The Wing.

Natural Scene On The Wing tattoo
Natural Scene On The Wing tattoo| Attractive Butterfly Tattoo Ideas.

Customizing one wing of a butterfly tattoo is not rare. How you alter the design will make all the difference. For instance, you can create beautiful scenery featuring mountains and the moon.
You can customize the scenery according to your preference. It’s the perfect idea for a nature lover.

20. Red Ink Butterfly.

Red Ink Butterfly tattoo
Red Ink Butterfly tattoo| Attractive Butterfly Tattoo Ideas.

Even though butterflies look beautiful with all types of color combinations, red can be very bold and fierce. Butterfly does not have to be all calm and serene. You can design it the way you want.

21. Purple Butterfly.

Purple Butterfly tattoo
Purple Butterfly tattoo| Attractive Butterfly Tattoo Ideas.

Another magnificent color to use with butterfly tattoos is purple. You can use a combination of purple and black for the tattoo. And if you want to alter the wings, the best way is to use purple roses for one wing.

22. Black Butterfly With Flames.

Black Butterfly With Flames tattoo
Black Butterfly With Flames tattoo| Attractive Butterfly Tattoo Ideas.

Whenever someone considers flames for their tattoo, they think of using color. But the thing is, you can keep your tattoo unique if you can execute an all-black butterfly tattoo with flames.

There are two ways to combine flames with a butterfly. You can either use the flame for the background or make it look like one of the wings of the butterfly is on fire. Either way, you will have no regrets.

23. Gradient Butterfly.

Gradient Butterfly tattoo
Gradient Butterfly tattoo| Attractive Butterfly Tattoo Ideas.

Using shades of the same color can look magnificent when you’re getting a butterfly tattoo. For instance, one idea is to use purple for starters and then gradually lighten the color towards a more pink shade.

24. Half-And-Half Butterfly Tattoo.

Half-And-Half Butterfly Tattoo.
Half-And-Half Butterfly Tattoo.| Attractive Butterfly Tattoo Ideas.

The best place to create a half-and-half butterfly tattoo is the part below your thumb. Use both your hands to complete the tattoo. Create half of the butterfly on your right hand and the other one on your left.
When you bring the hands together, the tattoo will be complete.

25. Butterfly Wing Tattoo.

Butterfly Wing Tattoo
Butterfly Wing  | Attractive Butterfly Tattoo Ideas.

You can only go for the wings instead of a whole butterfly. It’s an easy tattoo because all you need is black ink to outline the wings. Inside the wings, you can go for straight lines or keep the space empty, depending on your preference.

26. Black Butterfly, Red Flowers.

Black Butterfly, Red Flowers
Black Butterfly, Red Flowers tattoo

Even though flowers and butterflies are a common combination, there are ways to get creative with this tattoo. If you don’t make the butterfly colorful, instead go for colorful surroundings, it will look unique.
Create red flowery background and place the butterfly inside. You will certainly fall in love with the way the tattoo comes out.

27. Circular Background.

Circular Background tattoo
Circular Background tattoo

Let’s think about something different. Use a lighter shade of black to create a background. Go for a solid circular shape. Now, use darker shades to create the butterfly. You can also get some blades of grass coming out of the circular background.

28. Butterfly Dagger Tattoo.

Butterfly Dagger Tattoo
Butterfly Dagger Tattoo

Instead of getting a usual butterfly, create a sword as the body of the butterfly. You can imagine how fierce and unique it will look on the tattoo. To get the best result, use black ink instead of colorful ones.

29. Floral Interior.

Floral Interior
Floral Interior

I’ve talked about a few floral options before. But this one is a bit different. Create a butterfly shape using simple lines and then fill it with floral shapes. You can get flowers, leaves, and vines to complete the design. Attractive Butterfly Tattoo Ideas.

This idea also allows you to get creative with the colors. You can either get an all-black butterfly with black floral shapes, or you can experiment with your favorite colors to see which one works better. Attractive Butterfly Tattoo Ideas.

30. Transformation Butterfly Tattoo.

Transformation Butterfly Tattoo
Transformation Butterfly Tattoo

Butterflies can represent a transformation in different ways. I’m not indicating the transformation from moth to butterfly. When you customize the wings, it can indicate the butterfly fading away or transform into something else.
It’s a great idea to get creative with a butterfly tattoo. However, make sure the artist understands what you want and is confident about getting the tattoo done. Attractive Butterfly Tattoo Ideas.

31. Butterfly Tattoo With Name.

Butterfly Tattoo With Name
Butterfly Tattoo With Name

Some people want to tattoo their name but lack the element to highlight the text. Using a butterfly as an added element can make a tattooed text significant. It’s always a good idea to keep the name below the butterfly tattoo, not the other way around. Attractive Butterfly Tattoo Ideas.
The positioning can express that the butterfly is flying.

32. Monarch Butterfly Tattoo.

Monarch Butterfly Tattoo
Monarch Butterfly Tattoo

The monarch butterfly is a very vibrant choice. A monarch with a few roses can become the most timeless design for any woman. The color combination of this variant is also noticeable and perfect for creating a life-like design.

33. Butterfly Mask.

Butterfly Mask tattoo
Butterfly Mask tattoo

You can also get a woman’s tattoo who has a butterfly mask over her eyes. Even if you’re using black ink to create this tattoo, it will look just as good as any colorful tattoo.

34. Butterfly Doodle Tattoo.

Butterfly Doodle Tattoo
Butterfly Doodle Tattoo

Filling the inside of a butterfly with your favorite doodle patterns is another idea to go with. You can angle the butterfly from the front or the side. However, regardless of what doodle design you go for, they should be clean and sharp.
A messy doodle design will not look good with something as symmetrical as a butterfly. Attractive Butterfly Tattoo Ideas.

35. Butterflies And The Moon.

Butterflies And The Moon tattoo
Butterflies And The Moon tattoo

People hardly think of combining the moon with a butterfly. But the surprising thing is that it’s actually a beautiful combination. If you want to keep the tattoo unique, get a purple half-moon with one or two butterflies.
You can also use different shades of purple for the moon to make it more glamorous.

36. Matching Butterfly Tattoo.

Matching Butterfly Tattoo
Matching Butterfly Tattoo

If you want to match your tattoo with someone, there are a lot of designs available. For instance, you can search for a celebrity tattoo and match your one with them. Or, you can choose one common tattoo for you and someone you want to get matching tattoos with.

37. Three Butterflies.

Three Butterflies tattoo
Three Butterflies tattoo

Three butterflies can mean a lot of things depending on how it’s presented. For instance, you can express togetherness with the tattoo. Alternatively, you can also express freedom and spontaneousness with the tattoo.
It all depends on what design and color you are going with.

38. Butterfly Circle.

Butterfly Circle tattoo
Butterfly Circle tattoo

You can create a bracelet-like shape using butterflies and other elements. The best combination is to use leaves, flowers, or vines with the butterfly. Whether you’re getting this tattoo on your arm, wrist, or ankle, this can be a great idea.

39. Butterfly With An Arrow.

Butterfly With An Arrow tattoo
Butterfly With An Arrow tattoo

Who would have thought that combining a butterfly with an arrow could look so cool? Without exaggerating the design, get a simple arrow tattoo with a small butterfly on the corner. Make sure to use shades of pink. It will turn out to be one of the best-looking tattoos that you’ve ever seen.

40. Butterfly Line.

Butterfly Line tattoo
Butterfly Line tattoo

Get four butterflies in a line to create a flow of the design. Don’t make the butterflies too large. Keep them tiny. In addition, create them as if they are seen from different angles. For instance, one of them should have both wings spread out, another may look like it’s seen from the side.

41. Butterfly In Spiderweb.

Butterfly In Spiderweb tattoo
Butterfly In Spiderweb tattoo

If you are searching for something unique, you can get spiderwebs to surround the butterfly. It will create a darker vibe to the tattoo. For those who want a butterfly tattoo and want it to be different than others, this is one idea to consider.
It can also work great as a Halloween tattoo.

42. Green Butterfly.

Green Butterfly tattoo
Green Butterfly tattoo

When choosing something different, you can also change the color of the butterfly instead of the elements and the shape. Green is not a common color to consider for butterflies. However, it’s an amazing choice when you use it inside a black outline.

43. Sunflowers And Butterfly.

Sunflowers And Butterfly tattoo
Sunflowers And Butterfly tattoo

I’ve talked about altering one wing of the butterfly before. Let’s say you want a butterfly tattoo based on the color yellow. Combining it with sunflowers is the best option. Get half a butterfly by using yellow and black ink.
Now, get two or three small sunflowers where the other wing is supposed to be. You can use green to get the leaves. It will certainly look stunning.

44. Rosy Butterfly.

Rosy Butterfly tattoo
Rosy Butterfly tattoo

You can combine roses with a butterfly in multiple ways. For instance, you can draw roses inside outlined wings. Or, you can get roses instead on one wing. Another unique idea is to get a stick of rose and create two butterfly wings spreading out from the wing.

45. Tiger Butterfly.

Tiger Butterfly tattoo
Tiger Butterfly tattoo

Even though you can create different animal tattoos along with a butterfly, here is one design that will leave everyone speechless. Outline the shape of a butterfly and then create the face of a tiger inside it.

Sound interesting, doesn’t it?

Placements For Butterfly Tattoos
Even though you can get a large butterfly tattoo, most of the time, people go for small butterflies. So, let’s talk about where you can place a small tattoo to get the best out of it.

The most common place people prefer butterfly tattoos on their hands. The wrist, arm, and shoulder are all popular places for butterfly tattoos. One peculiar place to consider for your butterfly tattoo is your finger.

You can get a tattoo where you wear a ring. It’s a simple and stunning way to place your tattoo. The same is true for your ankle. You will notice a lot of people getting butterfly tattoos on their ankles.
Now, let’s talk about larger tattoos.

If you’re not into smaller tattoos and want to make a statement, there are multiple places to consider for your tattoo. For instance, you can get one on your back. Another common place to get a butterfly tattoo is your chest.

The truth is, you can get a butterfly tattoo anywhere you want. The places I’ve mentioned are popular ones. It doesn’t mean that you have to limit yourself within these parameters. You can also go for your waist or thigh if you like.

What Does A Butterfly Tattoo Symbolize?

You must be wondering why butterfly tattoos are so popular and what they signify as a tattoo. The thing is, a butterfly tattoo can mean a lot of things depending on how you design it. For instance, it can mean a sign of freedom for some people.

You can also signify a butterfly tattoo in other ways. For example, it can indicate transformation, beauty, and femininity. However, don’t think that the tattoo is only suitable for women.
That’s the beauty of a butterfly, you can express it in any way you want. You can make it masculine, feminine, or gender-neutral, depending on what you expect to express through the tattoo.

Final Words.

The diversity of a butterfly tattoo makes it preferable for a lot of people. Whether you’re getting a waist, wrist, shoulder, arm, thigh, ankle, chest, leg, or finger tattoo, a butterfly will look stunning.
However, make sure that you’re placing the tattoo correctly. For instance, you wouldn’t want a large butterfly tattoo on your finger. Similarly, if you’re considering a tattoo for the chest, it will not look the best in a small size.

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