20 Brown Skin Black Girl Tattoo Designs That You Should Check Out

20 Brown Skin Black Girl Tattoo Designs That You Should Check Out

20 Brown Skin Black Girl Tattoo Designs That You Should Check Out.

Brown Skin Black Girl Tattoo Designs. Whether a tattoo will turn out to be good or not depends a lot on your ability to plan it.

Not all tattoos will be suitable for everyone. If you have brown or any darker skin tone, this post is for you.

In this article, you will find the best brown skin black girl tattoo designs for yourself. These are picked out among the best of the bests. So, let’s get to it.

20 Brown Skin Black Girl Tattoo Designs.

PBrown Skin Black Girl Tattoo Designs. These ideas below are specifically more suitable for people with darker skin tones. So, let’s see what this list has in store.

1. Colorful Vines On The Leg.

Colorful Vines On The Leg
Colorful Vines On The Leg | Brown Skin Black Girl Tattoo Designs.

Whoever says a girl with a dark skin tone can’t pull off a colorful tattoo certainly hasn’t seen one. You can go for beautiful vines flowing from your ankle up to your thigh. It’s not only vibrant but also a beautifully thought-out design for anyone who wants a leg tattoo. Brown Skin Black Girl Tattoo Designs.

2. Dragon Tattoos.

Dragon Tattoos
Dragon Tattoos | Brown Skin Black Girl Tattoo Designs.

Dragons symbolize power. It’s a versatile option to consider because you can get it done anywhere you want. The same goes for the color combination. You’re not bound by specific colors when considering a dragon tattoo. Brown Skin Black Girl Tattoo Designs.

However, if you want the best results, going with black ink will be a wise choice.

3. Quote Tattoo.

Quote Tattoo
Quote Tattoo | Brown Skin Black Girl Tattoo Designs.

Fan of a quote? Get it tattooed. When done using the right color and font, quote tattoos can turn out to be a gorgeous choice. Besides, you are not bound by limited choice here. Brown Skin Black Girl Tattoo Designs.

Select whichever tattoo you like and get it done. The best place for a quote tattoo is your forearm.

4. Portrait Tattoo.

Portrait Tattoo.
Portrait Tattoo | Brown Skin Black Girl Tattoo Designs.

One of the trendiest ideas for portrait tattoos is when you go for a faceless avatar. You can add elements like eyebrows and eye shapes and keep the rest of the face empty. Brown Skin Black Girl Tattoo Designs.

You can also customize other elements to highlight the portrait. For instance, decorate the hair or add pieces of jewelry.

5. Shoulder Flower Tattoo.


Shoulder Flower Tattoo
Shoulder Flower Tattoo | Brown Skin Black Girl Tattoo Designs.

One tattoo that really intrigued me was a pair of large flowers for two shoulders. They resembled mandalas a lot. Even though the tattoos were created using black ink, it was one of the best designs I ever came across.

If you want shoulder tattoos, you can get this one too. Brown Skin Black Girl Tattoo Designs.

6. Powerpuff Girls Tattoo.


Powerpuff Girls Tattoo
Powerpuff Girls Tattoo | Brown Skin Black Girl Tattoo Designs

Are you a fan of the Powerpuff girls? You can get one or all three of them tattooed on your arm or leg. This is one of the most colorful designs you can think of.

7. Rose Tattoo.

Rose Tattoo
Rose Tattoo | Brown Skin Black Girl Tattoo Designs

Rose sounds old and predictable for a tattoo. However, it doesn’t have to be with you. When you’re choosing the color carefully and placing the tattoo somewhere unusual, the rose is going to be fabulous.

For instance, you can get a rose on the upper side of your hand. It’s not a very common place to get a large rose tattoo.

8. Floral Tattoo.

Floral Tattoo
Floral Tattoo | Brown Skin Black Girl Tattoo Designs

Floral tattoos are not limited by skin color. So, this is something you can consider getting without a doubt. The best place to get a meticulous floral tattoo is your sleeve.

9. The Phases Of The Moon.

The Phases Of The Moon
The Phases Of The Moon| Brown Skin Black Girl Tattoo Designs

You can design the phases of the moon in many ways. You can’t keep it small and simple or go for something gorgeous that includes a lot of elements. It all depends on where you intend to get the tattoo and how large you want it to be.

10. The Tree Of Life.

The Tree Of Life
The Tree Of Life | Brown Skin Black Girl Tattoo Designs

A beautiful tattoo that you experiment with is the tree of life. It goes well with black or colorful inks. Besides, you can design it in any way you want. For instance, you can get a colorful tree of life for your thigh.

On the contrary, I’ve also seen people get a black tree of life for their shoulder or leg.

11. Hummingbird Tattoo.

Hummingbird Tattoo
Hummingbird Tattoo | Brown Skin Black Girl Tattoo Designs

Another meaningful tattoo for people with dark skin tones is a hummingbird tattoo. The colors blend well with darker skin tones and look vibrant on almost all body parts. However, the most popular placement choice for a hummingbird tattoo is the arm.

12. Berry Tattoo.

Berry Tattoo.
Berry Tattoo |Brown Skin Black Girl Tattoo Designs

A tree branch with berries on it can look amazing on the shoulder. You can get the same tattoo somewhere else. But make sure that the direction and flow of the design do not look awkward.

13. Anime Tattoo.

Anime Tattoo
Anime Tattoo | Brown Skin Black Girl Tattoo Designs

If you are an anime fan, there are thousands of ideas waiting for you. Whether you want something colorful or black, it will look good. You can also consider quoting from your favorite anime for the tattoo.

14. Medusa Tattoo.


Medusa Tattoo
Medusa Tattoo | Brown Skin Black Girl Tattoo Designs.

One of the most popular monsters from Greek Mythology is Medusa. Her face and hair are perfect for an arm or shoulder tattoo. Pay attention to the details because those are what make a tattoo more lifelike.

15. Sun And Moon Tattoo.

Sun And Moon Tattoo
Sun And Moon Tattoo

When searching for hand tattoos, you can get the sun and the moon for your left and right hands. However, the tattoos need to be elaborate and colorful. Small one-line sun and moon tattoos will not suit the upper side of the hand.

If you want something simple, you can consider your arm, wrist, or ankle.

16. Butterfly Tattoo.

Butterfly Tattoo
Butterfly Tattoo

Another safe option to consider is a butterfly tattoo. You can customize a butterfly tattoo according to your preference and it will still look amazing. Arms, wrists, fingers, behind-the-ear spots, ankles, and the waist are suitable for small butterfly tattoos.

In comparison, the chest and the back are more suitable for larger butterfly tattoos.

17. Abstract Tattoo.

Abstract Tattoo
Abstract Tattoo

The field of abstract tattoos is very wide. So, you get to choose many designs to suit your skin tone. Consider the color combinations before selecting an abstract design. Consult your tattoo artist to get an idea about how the color will come out on darker skin tones.

18. Birth Year Tattoo.

Birth Year Tattoo
Birth Year Tattoo

Can’t think of something you won’t regret? How about your birth year? That’s not going to change. If you want, get some flowers above and around the birth year tattoo to highlight the year.

19. Peonies Tattoo.

Peonies Tattoo
Peonies Tattoo

When you don’t want to use a lot of colors but still want a colorful tattoo, consider peonies. You can create peonies and leaves with only two colors. The best place for this tattoo is your elbow ditch.

Even though it’s a painful area to get a tattoo, the result is so worth it.

20. Side Profile Tattoo.

Side Profile Tattoo
Side Profile Tattoo

If you want a back tattoo, get a side profile of a girl. Decorate the girl with sharp eyes and use flowers and a frame for the background elements. There will be variations of colors and it will turn out to be a good piece.

What Color Tattoo Looks Best On Brown Skin?

The colors that work best with darker skin tones are shades of red, orange, yellow, magenta, bright green, etc. Note that tattoo inks tend to change color depending on the skin tone. So, it’s very important that you test out the colors before selecting a design.

The color test is usually done by using colors on paper that resemble your skin tone. Check different colors and see how they change after they’re absorbed in the paper. If you are satisfied with the color, only then go for the design.

To ensure everything happens according to your plan, it’s important to get comfortable with the tattoo artist you’re going to go to. It’s a permanent thing and you’re allowed to ask questions about the procedure.

If there’s an artist you already know, you can go to them. If it’s your first time, try to find someone through references. In case this is not possible, you need to do your research and find online portfolios of the artists you’re considering.

Compare the designs they’ve done before, preferably on someone with your skin tone.

Final Words.

You’re not limited by specific tattoo designs only because of your skin color. As long as the design is properly executed, you can go for anything you want. These brown skin black girl tattoo designs are just a startup list for your search.

You can customize these after color testing and then decide how and where to get them.

Alternatively, you can consider something entirely different. As long as you’re comfortable with the design and the colors, there’s no reason not to get a particular tattoo.


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Brown Skin Black Girl Tattoo Designs.