50 Easy Anime Tattoos For Everyone In 2023

50 Easy Anime Tattoos For Everyone In 2023

50 Easy Anime Tattoos For Everyone In 2023.

Easy Anime Tattoos For Everyone. If you are an anime lover, you must have considered getting a tattoo of your favorite anime character.

With so many options available, it gets a bit overwhelming to choose one. That’s why I’ve created a list of 50 easy anime tattoos for you.

This shortlisted collection will help you understand which one will suit you better than the others.

50 Easy Anime Tattoos.

Easy Anime Tattoos For Everyone. On the list below, you will find the easiest anime tattoos ever.

Besides, they’re aesthetically amazing. So, let’s not keep you waiting anymore.

1. Totoro On The Wrist.

Totoro On The Wrist
Totoro On The Wrist | Easy Anime Tattoos For Everyone.

Getting an anime tattoo on your wrist is a great idea for several reasons. The first one is, of course, visibility. If you get a Totoro tattoo on your wrist, it will be visible to you and everyone else pretty easily.

There are several postures of Totoro that you can go for. Pick your favorite scene and go for it.

2. Growth Of Naruto.

Growth Of Naruto
Growth Of Naruto | Easy Anime Tattoos For Everyone.

If you are considering a sleeve tattoo, you can go for three different tattoos of Naruto. These will reflect different stages of Naruto’s life. If you are a fan of this anime, this is one of the best ideas for a sleeve tattoo. Easy Anime Tattoos For Everyone.

Maintain the flow of age with the tattoo. The first tattoo should be of child Naruto, then the tattoo of young Naruto, followed by adult Naruto.

3. Shenron Dragon Tattoo.

Shenron Dragon Tattoo
Shenron Dragon Tattoo | Easy Anime Tattoos For Everyone.

Do you remember the magical dragon from Dragon Ball Z? If you want to get a powerful tattoo to express yourself, this can be a great choice.

The original dragon has green skin and red eyes. However, when considering this anime for a tattoo, it will look best in black ink. Easy Anime Tattoos For Everyone.

Easy Anime Tattoos For Everyone. You can either get the full dragon or only the head, depending on whether you want a large tattoo or a smaller one.

4. Vegeta and Bulma Couple Tattoo.

Vegeta and Bulma Couple Tattoo
Vegeta and Bulma Couple Tattoo | Easy Anime Tattoos For Everyone.

Easy Anime Tattoos For Everyone. Another Dragon Ball Z idea you can try is getting a tattoo of Vegeta and Bulma. Even though this anime is not popular for romance, it can be a significant tattoo indicating that romance can be found anywhere you seek.

5. Sharingan Tattoo.

Sharingan Tattoo
Sharingan Tattoo | Easy Anime Tattoos For Everyone.

Almost all anime fans know about the Sharingan. It signifies the eye of insight which is limited to a specific clan. If a pair of eyes is what’s on your mind, this is one of the best ideas to execute as a tattoo.

6. Killua Zoldyck Tattoo.


Killua Zoldyck Tattoo
Killua Zoldyck Tattoo | Easy Anime Tattoos For Everyone.

Are you a Hunter x Hunter fan? Then the most suitable tattoo for you is a tattoo of Killua Zoldyck.

Easy Anime Tattoos For Everyone. A perfect balance between a ruthless side and a protective side will certainly increase the depth of your tattoo’s significance.

7. Kyojuro Rengoku Tattoo.

Kyojuro Rengoku Tattoo
Kyojuro Rengoku Tattoo | Easy Anime Tattoos For Everyone.


Getting a Demon Slayer tattoo is not only for the ones who watched it.

Easy Anime Tattoos For Everyone. Even if you didn’t watch the anime, this powerful character will look beautiful as a back tattoo. The color combination you can create with this tattoo is definitely mesmerizing.

8. Sailor Mars Wand.

Sailor Mars Wand
Sailor Mars Wand | Easy Anime Tattoos For Everyone.

The obvious choice from the Sailor Moon series is the Sailor Mars Wand. It’s got the beauty, colors, and character that you need in your tattoo to make it personal. Besides, it will look gorgeous on any body part.

9. Cowboy Bebop.

Cowboy Bebop
Cowboy Bebop | Easy Anime Tattoos For Everyone.

Are you fascinated by the way bounty hunters search for criminals and travel through the galaxy?

Then a Cowboy Bebop tattoo is just the thing for you. A captivating mixture of sci-fi and western vibe will bring life to the tattoo, no matter where you get it. Easy Anime Tattoos For Everyone.

10. Nezuko and Tanjiro.

Nezuko and Tanjiro
Nezuko and Tanjiro | Easy Anime Tattoos For Everyone.

If you want to create symbolism for family or sibling power, the best combination is a tattoo of Nezuko and Tanjiro. This iconic duo protects each other by using their sword skills and alterations power. For siblings who are always looking out for each other, there can’t be a better option than this one.

11. Tobirama Senju Tattoo.

Tobirama Senju Tattoo
Tobirama Senju Tattoo

There are endless tattoo possibilities for Naruto lovers. If you know Tobirama Senju, you know that he is known for his approach to life. When well-defined rules and laws are your things, you can certainly relate to this character.

So, why not bring this character to life by using the appropriate color combinations?

12. Son Goten Tattoo.

Son Goten Tattoo
Son Goten Tattoo

Do you know the youngest son of Goku and Chi-Chi? If you do, you already know how fun-loving and kind he is. People who can relate to this character will love how his tattoo turns out on a body part. The best place to consider this is to have him on the sleeve.

13. Kisame Hoshigaki Tattoo.

Kisame Hoshigaki Tattoo
Kisame Hoshigaki Tattoo | Easy Anime Tattoos For Everyone.

Remember how Kisame created those sharks from the water? Known as the monster of the hidden mist, this character is a complicated one. As much loyal as he is towards his friends, he also loves to battle. If you can relate yourself to him, there’s no reason not to get him as your tattoo.

14. Gengar Pokémon Tattoo.

Gengar Pokémon Tattoo
Gengar Pokémon Tattoo| Easy Anime Tattoos For Everyone.

Sometimes, the aesthetic features are all you need to consider a character for your tattoo. Gengar from Pokemon has it all. Creepy grin, purple skin, and red eyes. What can be more appealing as a tattoo?

15. Nezuko Tattoo.

Nezuko Tattoo
Nezuko Tattoo| Easy Anime Tattoos For Everyone.

Nezuko alone is one of the most popular characters to get as a tattoo. When searching for something cute, a tiny and colorful Nezuko is all you need on your sleeve. Besides, it will go with any person, regardless of their gender.

16. Artemis From Sailor Moon.

Artemis From Sailor Moon tattoo
Artemis From Sailor Moon tattoo| Easy Anime Tattoos For Everyone.

Artemis is a perfect option for people who love anime and cats. Artemis stands for courage and power. You can make the tattoo more detailed by adding stars, dots, and moons, around it.

17. Shoto Todoroki Tattoo.

Shoto Todoroki Tattoo
Shoto Todoroki Tattoo| Easy Anime Tattoos For Everyone.

This character from My Hero Academia is an aesthetic one. With the special features and depth, it creates a very appealing tattoo no matter the placement. Besides, you can add some other elements to the background to highlight your tattoo.

18. Sukuna Tattoo.

Sukuna Tattoo
Sukuna Tattoo| Easy Anime Tattoos For Everyone.

Not everyone is into jolly and happy tattoos. Sukuna from Jujutsu Kaisen is one of the darkest and most powerful spirits to consider as a tattoo. Besides, one eye and a mouth make it a scary tattoo for anyone who is into powerful tattoos.

19. Izuku Midoriya Tattoo.

Izuku Midoriya Tattoo
Izuku Midoriya Tattoo| Easy Anime Tattoos For Everyone.

Another cool idea from My Hero Academia is the character named Izuku Midoriya. This young boy’s desire to become a superhero without any superpowers is really inspiring. Consider this character for a sleeve tattoo.

20. Itachi Tattoo.

Itachi Tattoo
Itachi Tattoo| Easy Anime Tattoos For Everyone.

There are many scopes to get creative with a tattoo of Itachi. For instance, you can go for a simple portrait or you can create a tattoo of Itachi that also features an ANBU mask. As long as you’re getting the details right, the tattoo will come out magnificent.

21. Pink Heart Wand.

Pink Heart Wand tattoo
Pink Heart Wand tattoo| Easy Anime Tattoos For Everyone.

The signature weapon from the series Sailor Moon is significant in many ways. If you want something colorful that represents courage as well as love, this is the best option to choose. It’s simple and easy. So, it’s also suitable for someone who wants a small and significant tattoo.

22. Pikachu Tattoo.

Pikachu Tattoo
Pikachu Tattoo| Easy Anime Tattoos For Everyone.

One character you can’t help but consider for your tattoo idea is the character Pikachu from Pokemon. You can get any design you want with Pikachu because there are so many. It’s one of the cutest and most colorful options to consider for a tattoo.

23. Kakashi Tattoo.

Kakashi Tattoo
Kakashi Tattoo| Easy Anime Tattoos For Everyone.

For people searching for a calf tattoo, consider the character Kakashi. It’s not only significant but also looks amazing when styled with watercolor-themed tattoos. Adding a few background images will highlight the character and make it look more real.

24. Super Saiyan Tattoo.

Super Saiyan Tattoo
Super Saiyan Tattoo

Super Saiyan is the most powerful form of the popular character Goku. It can be placed beautifully on your shoulder. It’s also a colorful choice for people who don’t like black tattoos.

25. Comic Book Inspired Tattoo.

Comic Book Inspired Tattoo
Comic Book Inspired Tattoo

I’ve talked about a lot of colorful tattoo options in this list. This particular idea is for someone who doesn’t prefer colors. If you create a flow of stories in the form of comic book pages using black ink, it will be one of the most unique tattoos.

26. Sonic Tattoo.

Sonic Tattoo
Sonic Tattoo

Have you considered getting a sonic tattoo on your sleeve? It’s a colorful character that you can experiment with. There are a lot of postures and expressions to consider.

27. Charizard Tattoo.

Charizard Tattoo
Charizard Tattoo

One excellent idea is to create all forms of Charizard from Pokemon. It’s popular as well as appealing to look at. When you go for all the forms of this character, it also creates a beautiful flow of the design.

28. Ryuk Tattoo.

Ryuk Tattoo
Ryuk Tattoo

If you’re a fan of the Death Note series, Ryuk must have won your heart by now. Not everyone will be fascinated by the scary face of this character. But if you want to be unique in the crowd, it’s one of the greatest ideas for a tattoo.

29. Naruto Eyes.

Naruto Eyes tattoo
Naruto Eyes tattoo

When you don’t want to get a character as your tattoo, you can choose an eye. Or two eyes if you want. Naruto comes with different types of eyes that represent different things. So, you can choose any of them according to your preference. Easy Anime Tattoos For Everyone.

30. Pikachu, Charmander, And Squirtle Tattoo.

Pikachu, Charmander, And Squirtle Tattoo
Pikachu, Charmander, And Squirtle Tattoo

Easy Anime Tattoos For Everyone. One of the cutest tattoos I found was a combination of three characters. Portraying a scene featuring Pikachu, Charmander, and Squirtle is the most adorable thing you can get on your forearm.

31. Symbol Of Friendship.

Symbol Of Friendship tattoo
Symbol Of Friendship tattoo

Easy Anime Tattoos For Everyone. There is a lot of anime series that portray friendships in unique ways. If you want to highlight this concept, just choose the one that’s most relatable to you. Combining different characters will also make the tattoo more diverse.

32. Adventurous Tattoo.

Adventurous Tattoo
Adventurous Tattoo

Easy Anime Tattoos For Everyone. Certain anime intrigues the spirit of adventure. For instance, you can consider Mirai, Spirited Away, or Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic. These are colorful choices that can represent your personality through tattoos.

33. Vaporeon Pokémon Tattoo.

Vaporeon Pokémon Tattoo
Vaporeon Pokémon Tattoo

If you’re fascinated by the aquatic life of Vaporeon in Pokemon, getting a tattoo of this character will be a great idea. The fins and gills add diversity to the design. Besides, you can customize the background as you like.

34. Monkey D. Luffy Tattoo.

Monkey D. Luffy Tattoo
Monkey D. Luffy Tattoo

The popular character from One Piece is a perfect idea to create a tattoo. Whether you want a sleeve tattoo or a shoulder tattoo, this character will look vibrant everywhere. Besides, the color combination is also suitable for a tattoo.

35. Anime Quotes.

Anime Quotes tattoo
Anime Quotes tattoo

If you want the simplest form of anime tattoo, consider tattooing quotes. There are some great quotes in every series. So, you can choose the one that’s most relatable to you and customize it as you like.

Yato once said, “Never let the past destroy the current you.” Doesn’t it sound like an excellent tattoo to consider?

36. Halloween-Themed Pokemon Tattoo.

Halloween-Themed Pokemon Tattoo
Halloween-Themed Pokemon Tattoo

Easy Anime Tattoos For Everyone. You can get the most colorful outcome when considering a Halloween-themed tattoo. When merged with Pokemon, a Halloween tattoo brings out the best. Why not try combining a lot of colors to create the most vibrant tattoo ever?

37. Anime Signs.

Anime Signs tattoo
Anime Signs tattoo

In some anime series, there are significant signs that represent different things. For an easy and simple design, you can consider one of those signs.

For instance, you can find several symbols in the anime Naruto alone. It’s only an example to get you started with the search. Pick your favorite anime and look for important symbols that you can get tattooed.

38. Hisoka Tattoo.

Hisoka Tattoo
Hisoka Tattoo

Easy Anime Tattoos For Everyone. If you combine Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter with some playing cards, it will create a vibrant tattoo with a powerful vibe. Not everyone wants a hero on their tattoo. Those who prefer villains can certainly consider this self-absorbent character.

Besides, the character is powerful, dangerous, and lethal. What more reason there is to get a Hisoka for your arm?

39. Storyline Tattoo.

Storyline Tattoo
Storyline Tattoo

If you want a large anime tattoo, you can consider one for your back by creating a storyline. Choose one anime that you love the most and go for it. Make sure to be precise about the details.

For instance, you can choose a particular scene from an anime that you love the most. You can also include dialogue boxes if you want. This diversifies the tattoo and makes it more happening.

40. Ekans Tattoo.

Ekans Tattoo
Ekans Tattoo

Another popular tattoo choice from Pokemon is Ekans. The purple body, as well as the yellow band, make it a perfect choice for someone who is looking for something vibrant. Even though you can combine this with other elements, it looks best when tattooed alone.

41. Neon Genesis Evangelion Tattoo.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Tattoo
Neon Genesis Evangelion Tattoo

Easy Anime Tattoos For Everyone. If you go back to the classics of 90’s anime, you will stumble upon the name Neon Genesis Evangelion. The concept is very elaborate and it’s a popular anime that people often consider for getting tattoos.

You will get a lot of colorful options, depending on what you’re seeking.

42. Eyes From Sailor Moon.

Eyes From Sailor Moon tattoo
Eyes From Sailor Moon tattoo

Fans of Sailor Moon are always looking for a way to immortalize the anime. Getting a pair of eyes of the main character is an excellent way. It can be intriguing, mysterious, and stunning at the same time.

Besides, it’s a simple yet colorful tattoo. No matter what you’re looking for in a tattoo, this one’s got it all.

43. Pokemon Gameboy Tattoo.

Pokemon Gameboy Tattoo
Pokemon Gameboy Tattoo

Pokemon Gameboy tattoos are one of the most vibrant ones. You can mix a lot of colors and combine multiple characters in the same tattoo. For instance, Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander can come inside the same frame if you want. Easy Anime Tattoos For Everyone.

This tattoo is more suitable for someone who is playful and a die-hard fan of this anime.

44. Light Yagami Tattoo.

Light Yagami Tattoo
Light Yagami Tattoo

The obvious tattoo choice from the series Death Note is a Shinigami, specifically Ryuk. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get something different and unique. Consider a tattoo of Light Yagami.

Easy Anime Tattoos For Everyone. There is a lot of cruelty in that character that you can highlight in your tattoo. Alternatively, you can get a tattoo of Ryuk and Light together.

45. Sabito’s Mask.

Sabito’s Mask tattoo
Sabito’s Mask tattoo

One popular element for tattoos is the mask Sabito used in Demon Slayer. When combined with suitable shading, colors, and shapes, you can have the most attractive tattoo ever. Consider getting this on your arm if you want the best results. Easy Anime Tattoos For Everyone.

46. Attack On Titan.

Attack On Titan tattoo
Attack On Titan tattoo

Framed tattoos are very trendy. Limiting the tattoo you are getting inside a geometrical shape can make it clean and tidy to look at. If you’re a fan of Attack on Titan, you can get the protagonist tattooed inside a rectangular frame.

Easy Anime Tattoos For Everyone. You can get a specific moment, or a specific look, depending on what you want in your tattoo.

47. Luffy’s Hat Tattoo.

Luffy’s Hat Tattoo
Luffy’s Hat Tattoo

One Piece is enriched with content that you can use for a tattoo. I’ve already mentioned a few ideas about this anime. This one is for someone who loves simple and meaningful tattoos.

Instead of getting the character, you can only tattoo the straw hat that Luffy wears. Easy Anime Tattoos For Everyone.

Easy Anime Tattoos For Everyone. This is an element that has been on the show since the first episode. So, getting a tattoo of it will make you feel attached to the anime while looking elegant on your body.

48. Wailmer Tattoo.

Wailmer Tattoo
Wailmer Tattoo

If you have seen Pokemon, you already know about Wailmer. It comes with one of the most adorable shapes without a doubt. This water-based Pokemon often used as a transport is a popular choice as a tattoo among art collectors.

49. Mai Sakurajima Tattoo.

Mai Sakurajima Tattoo
Mai Sakurajima Tattoo

Easy Anime Tattoos For Everyone. For a more feminine pick on anime tattoos, you can choose the protagonist from Seishun Buta Yarō. This character wore a bunny outfit once to check if people noticed her. This is one of the most noticeable costumes that looks amazing in a tattoo.

50. Hinata Shōyō Tattoo.

Hinata Shōyō Tattoo
Hinata Shōyō Tattoo

Here’s one suggestion for sports lovers. The series Haikyū features a protagonist who is passionate about playing Volleyball. So, if you want to wake the player inside you, a Hinata tattoo will certainly inspire you to do so.

Besides, if you only get the head, it can be a very colorful choice due to the character’s hair color. You don’t need any other element to highlight the character. It will highlight itself.

What Style Of Tattoo Is Anime?

The Japanese illustration style is one of the most suitable forms of tattoos. The reason behind the popularity of anime tattoo designs is that they’re easy, customizable, and most of the time, colorful.

The details and the brightness can create a very strong statement for anyone. Besides, relating to an anime character is another reason to get a tattoo of that character.

How To Choose The Right Anime Tattoo?

Selecting a tattoo is a very personal procedure so it’s difficult to guide you on how to choose the right one. The first thing to do is to determine the reason for getting an anime tattoo. Some people get so attached to a series that they want to keep a part of the anime on their bodies.

If you are attached to a series or a particular character, then it’s very easy for you to choose the tattoo. On the contrary, some people only get anime tattoos as art pieces. For them, it would be best to match the anime with the tattoos they already have.

Alternatively, you can evaluate what the tattoo represents and see if it matches your personality. For instance, someone who admires power, strength, and courage, may not be interested in something cute.

The same goes for people who are bubbly, adventurous, or romantic. The good news is, that there are countless tattoos to consider for every person. Pick your favorite tattoo, decide whether to color it or keep it black and then go for it.

Final Words.

It’s tough to run out of ideas when you are searching for easy anime tattoos. Thousands of options are waiting for you, regardless of what you want in your tattoo.

Even if you don’t consider yourself an anime lover, the diversity of the concept alone is enough for considering getting a tattoo based on the theme. You wouldn’t want to miss a source of endless possibilities as an art collector.

How much you learn ? Drop a comment. Don’t forget to share with your friends. Stay with us.

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